Financial management and logistics system


An innovative, friendly, integrated system for managing, optimization and business growth in every area required.

Almog ERP designs to fit your needs and includes an advanced built-in module. This module has the ability to adapt to any organization – without the need for complex development processes.

Almog ERP fits organizations and companies of all sizes, ranging from five employees to large organizations with hundreds of users.

The system’s flexibility and ability to customize it for any purpose, without the intervention of developers, makes it an integral part of the organizational development and growth and according to his needs.


System Benefits:

* Almog ERP is a flexible system based on a unique application that allows adaptation to meet customer needs without the need to develop.

* Almog ERP manages all phases of activity in the organization under one interface.

* Almog ERP adapted for use by multiple factors in the organization and enables efficient collaboration and easy flow of business organizational information.

* Almog ERP has a very friendly user interface based on the familiar interface of Outlook.


Almog ERP – all options:

* Financial module – Reconciliation, Cash flow,  balances, Aging of receivables, full response to the requirements of the tax authority.

* Sales and Marketing module – quotes, orders, marketing agreements, waybills, managing agents, Planning Versus Performance

* Purchasing and budgetary control module  – Requirements and purchase orders, requests for bids, tenders, order management framework, procurement, budget control.

Production and Logistics Module – work orders and reports generation, inventory inputs, issues, transfers between warehouses, inventory subcontractors.

Decision support system – statistical reports, data, forecasts, cash flow, sales practice, Pareto analyzes (20-80)

* And more


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