Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which provides the capabilities and the essential tools for easy management of the complete customer relationship cycle, from the preliminary contact to the acquisition and the after-sales stages. With modules for sales, marketing and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a fast, flexible solution with a friendly price tag, which brings consistent measurable improvements in each business process, allowing you to improve contact with your customers, and helping you to obtain new levels of profitability.

Even companies with complex sales processes can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM easy-to-use capabilities, and improve Internet marketing and sales activities, marketing campaign management, and sale promotion activities.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM assists employees in making better business decisions and provides a better view on customers.

Works the Way You Do

Microsoft Dynamics CRM constitutes the fastest and easiest way to add CRM capabilities to any organization that uses Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Office Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was designed to work with Outlook, resulting in lower training costs, faster embracement by employees, reduced switching between applications, increased efficiency, and faster return on the investment.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your employees a direct access to customers details through Microsoft Outlook, either from the office or when on the road.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the following:

– Tight integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, which allows your employees to easily port information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word.
– Fast and easy access to your data through content-related information for filling of forms, or to the following stages in the process, without having to switch screens.
– Personally adapted work environment allowing users to create, store and reuse preferences for displaying customers data, without being distracted by non-essential information.
– Service calendar that allows service coordinators to time services based on resources, time or service.
– Powerful report and analysis tools that alleviate the identification of opportunities and problems at a glance.
– Excellent support for portable devices, providing field workers immediate access to customer data from most of the popular portable devices, including cellular telephones with internet browsers and laptop computers.

Works the Way Your Business Works
Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly into the professional lives of your employees, but also adapts easily to the existing work flows and business processes. You, or your information technology (IT) partner, can rapidly change forms, data fields and links in the applications, and add activities and new objects without having to write even a single line of code. This fact makes the customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM easier for you and your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM presents a number of innovations regarding work flows that expedite use, including suggestions for the next stages and automatic allotment of tasks.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes the following capabilities:

– New marketing automation module that helps you generate lists of customers or referrals, creating targeted marketing campaigns, and manage follow-ups.
– The fast campaign wizard allows the marketing and sales staff to send large amounts of emails to targeted lists, and to follow the responsiveness.
– Timing of services allowing you to manage all aspects of service requests from a central location, beginning with registrations and dispatch, and ending with follow-up handlings.
– Easy personal customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your business work flows, by adding activities and personally adapted objects, designing of personally customized screens for different users, and input of business logic into CRM.
This enables Microsoft Dynamics CRM to transform repeated tasks into automatic ones, show users the next stages, send email messages, and present warnings of open items, so that nothing can be neglected, and the customer is guaranteed the best possible experience.
– Flexible reporting allows managers to see how the business is functioning at a glance. CRM data is transferable to Microsoft Excel for analysis or to Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server for updating of management plans or cooperating on documents that are related to the customers.


Works the Way Technology Should Work
Microsoft Dynamics CRM works as your IT team would like it to work, since it is based on tried and tested Microsoft technology that conforms to industry standards, which is easy to learn and operate. Benefit from fast, thrifty deployment, low support costs, and a software system that grows with your business. IT team-friendly capabilities include the following:
– Easy customization of forms, data fields and reciprocal contact information, allowing users to receive personally adapted, relevant information.
– Efficient installation with diagnosis tools that abate installation time and assist in the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
– Fast data search of large amounts of customer data, aiding users in locating the required information.
– Easy to use, step by step Microsoft Exchange Connector Deployment Wizard, which simplifies the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.
– Simple and fast links to external data sources, allowing users access to relevant information.
– Progressive management and report tools that are centrally located, providing the IT staff the information required for managing the CRM system.

Fast Facts on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM 3.0 is available in two editions: Microsoft Dynamics Professional Edition and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition


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Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, and Turkish.


System Requirements
Review the hardware requirements for installation and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Access to information by support experts 24 Hours a day, and self support options. Try out support programs.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with main Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. Learn why Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and Microsoft Office constitute an amazing business partnership.


Wizards assist you in personally adapting Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and your Microsoft certified partners can help with personalization and in integrating applications, tools and services of third parties. Learn more about integrating applications from third party developers.



Electronic training written by Microsoft Dynamics gives you access to 24/7 training. Review training options.