Tzirnet – Fleet Management

The Tzirnet platform offers you efficient and optimal management of your organization’s vehicle fleet.
Vital information on drivers and vehicles is stored, and can be easily retrieved through a user friendly interface.
The information is stored in a logical structure divided into driver cards, vehicle cards, maintenance, and interfaces to various systems including fuel management.
Tzirnet also enables setup of warnings, reminders and more.

Tzirnet Options

  • Interfaces for receiving tall ways debit files and other debit files.
  • A web-based work environment – the only software that supports work in Internet and Intranet environments, and allows work from any computer connected to the organization’s server.
  • Management of driver cards – follow up of licensing, traffic offenses, accidents and courses.
  • Management of vehicle cards – follow up of periodical maintenance, insurances and licenses renewal.
  • Management of vehicle expenses – issuing orders to suppliers, invoices registration and management of frame agreements.
  • Fuel expenses – receiving data from fuel companies, transfer to accounting, and issuing consumption reports.
  • Interfaces to other computer systems in the organization such as finance, acquisitions and stock.
  • Reports Generator – flexible, easy to use reports generator that produces reports in various cross sections.
  • A warnings and reminders system – an automatic system that can be customized to personal preferences.
  • Advanced authorizations mechanism for maximal information security.
  • Flexibility – A free choice of fields and tables that are relevant to the organization, and personal customization of the work screens.
  • Database – MS SQL – a reliable database that enables quick data retrieval.
  • Activity journal – the software keeps track of every vehicle and its drivers, as well as of all drivers and the vehicles that they drove in.